A rustic-and Wi-Fi free–experience

A rustic-and Wi-Fi free–experience

Visit a remote paradise located deep in nature. Spend your evenings relaxing next to a glowing campfire, looking at an endless sky of stars and waking to the sound of birdsong. Perfect for a romantic getaway or a family holiday and well away from busy roads.

The area is a true magic in nomadic, rural and agro tourism, enabling guests to have an authentic village experience. Here, you can discover the real and remote Iran, beyond the well-trodden tourist paths of Iran and witness the friendliness and unique hospitality of the local minority people, who may even welcome you into their private homes. As you watch children splash in the river right next to your lodge, you will have a taste of life in the mountains as it has gone on for centuries. Showoon Nomad Eco lodge aims to provide a unique experience, welcoming guests in a homestay that is simple and remote entirely comfortable, with delicious local food and overwhelmingly friendly service.
We’re glad to provide you with an amazing journey to the “land of SHahsavan Nomads and traditional life”.
Nomadic life style is the oldest human way of life and its persistence up to the present is the greatest attraction of this life style. That’s why this particular way of life has led tribal and nomadic life to seem appealing in the age of technology and attracts those who are tired of mechanical life.
Although technology has affected nomadic life, the nomads in Mughan maintain many Iranian traditional values.
They are part of nature and walk in the wind, but this peaceful life is not always easy since Sometimes nature wants to be alone.
Holding nomadic tours with the aim of preserving the environment and the presence of tourists in the protection of biodiversity to indigenous (native) and tribal restore of the values of living in Alachighs (pronounced al-a-cheeg – it’s an amazing structure that looks a bit like a yurt, only it’s rounder) from Iran, so that they are rescued from perishing forever. Restoring nomadic costume and lifestyle that was changed to and presence of tourists at the tribe led to traditionally holding the ceremonies such as shearing and weddings, by local tribes.
Showoon Nomad Eco lodge is not to everyone’s taste and it is important to us that guests understand the ways in which we differ from five stars’ hotels before making a booking.
We are situated 18 km outside Germi city town and the taxi journey takes approximately 30 minutes. We call it an “adventurous taxi ride” mainly because the road condition is fairly poor in places and because you’ll meet many of the ethnic minorities of this area.
We call ourselves a ‘lodge’ because we lack some of the basic features and services of a standard hotel. Our rooms have no TV and no internet connection, enabling guests to completely escape from everyday hustle and bustle urban life and immerse with nature. Showoon ideally suits those tourists who want to get away from the hubbub of civilization, to breathe in fresh mountain air and enjoy an unparalleled view of majestic mountains, rapid rivers and noisy waterfalls.
Since we are committed to community development, our employees are friendly young people from the local minority tribes. We ask guests to be patient and be assured that there is always someone on site able to help them.
Due to our mountain location, sometimes the weather is clear and sometimes it is foggy, cloudy, and after a heavy rainfall it can be very muddy.
However, we have a very unusual location with a spectacular view and lots of unique trekking and mountain biking trails in our area. We invite people with an open mind and adventurous spirit to experience Iran in a different way and to escape the busy city life for a peaceful and authentic mountain getaway.
Feeling like at home, it’s also a place to meet other travelers and relax in touch with nature. We look forward to welcoming all overnight staying guests.

Don’t expect a 5-star hotel, but many stars in the plain sky!
Due to our visitor’s privacy and quiet, we do not have entrance for day visitors.

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