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After a long day of discovering, there’s nothing more comforting than a hot, homemade meal. Feed hungry adventurers with minimal fuss, with our hearty selection of pre-prepared dishes made by local suppliers from homegrown ingredients. They’re all ready to eat or can be easily heated up on the stove or fire pit so you can sit back and put your feet up. Local culinary history is inextricably linked to vegetation. Showoon Nomad Eco lodge is well known for providing native and local food with the use of local and mountain spices in the preparation of food. Several years of experience, and the recognition of the spirits of different nations and the tastes of domestic and foreign visitors, have made food tourism brands highlighted in this place. Horticultural, agricultural and livestock production has resulted in indigenous, local and historical food in Showoon Nomad Eco lodge. Most domestic and foreign guests are familiar with foods like Kata, Marji shorbasi, Koofta, Dolma, Abgoosht.

However Showoon Nomad Eco lodge is a good place to experience other native foods such as KHashil, Girma kabab, Doyma kabab,Arishta plo and Jouja plo along with a variety of salads and local desserts.
The use of mountain plants has given a special taste to nomadic food and made it delicious and memorable.

We source as much of our produce as possible from the local area and are currently working on new contracts that benefit local farmers and ensure a consistent supply of locally produced, pesticide-free products.

Organic supply chain

The purpose of the supply chain project is to establish and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with local farmers in the area around the lodge. Previously, produce used in the lodge restaurant was purchased at the market in Germi city. However, it was impossible for our staff to monitor the amount and type of fertilizer and pesticides used. By working with local farmers and produce suppliers, we can regulate fertilizer and pesticide use and move towards serving wholly organic produce.

Over time, we plan to expand the project and negotiate contracts with more local farmers.

The fruit farm

The fruit farm is also located in a village close to Showoon village. It belongs to a farmer and his family in a few hectares of land which growing plum, nectarine, cherry and apple. They now supply and deliver all our fruits and vegetables, which are grown pesticide free and using ecological fertilizer which the couple make themselves from grass and manure.


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