About Mansouri family

Akbar is a 30 years old English teacher and interpreter who is enthusiastically into nature, tradition and tourism.


Name: Akbar     Surname: Mansouri     Father’s Name: GHaffar    Mother’s Name: Mansoume.

Date of Birth: Oct. 09, 1988

Spouse: Saeide Javidzade                         Two sons: Ali and Muhammad

Field of Activity: Environment, tourism and teaching English

Education: TEFL (teaching English as a second language) 2012. Master of Art student in Tourism Management & Marketing. Cultural tour guide 2017

Educational Background: Founder and manager of Tannan language school in 2013. Australian national volleyball team’s interpreter in 2017 which was held in Iran.

Characteristic of working: known as a creative and thinker in tourism.

How it all started

It all started in 2017, when Akbar Mansouri, the owner who is originally from Showoon began arranging tours from other cities to the area in cooperation with a local family. Through this partnership, the idea for Showoon Nomad Eco lodge was born. Study and research on historical, local, nomadic foods and emphasis on culinary tourism, and building brands in this type of tourism supported by organic produce and hand woven products by rural, urban and nomadic people, and investigating the area and applying for permission “Showoon Nomad Eco lodge” was launched by providing the employment opportunities for local communities.
The main idea when we first started to consider building the lodge was to create a comfortable base near the minority villages, giving guests the option of a comfortable stay in a remote area, close to local life. A fully serviced, luxury five-star hotel did not seem appropriate. So we built a simple lodge that would have minimal negative impact on the natural surroundings. Showoon Nomad Ecolodge opened in October 2018, with no mobile reception and no internet. Much has happened since.

Our family will welcome you at our private eco lodge and hopefully make sure you get a memorable and unique experience.

We hope to meet you during your stay and see you soon!