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It’s easy to be green even when you’re on holiday.
If you want to reconnect with nature by living the simple life, you can enjoy here. You can sleep in the knowledge that you’ve picked green accommodation with high environmental standards.
This accommodation emphasizes elements such as, maximizing social and economic benefits for the local community, enhancing cultural heritage, environmental responsibility and reducing negative impacts to the environment.
It offers a good quality of service, locally sourced food and home-grown vegetables. What makes it special is the fact that it’s actually owned and operated by the nomads who have called this region home for many years. They’re generally more active in nature and wildlife conservation, more focused on educating visitors about the flora and fauna of local ecosystems, and more deeply connected with the area’s indigenous culture.
The accommodation will make it easy for you to help the planet, if you want to.

The area around Showoon Nomad Eco lodge abounds with opportunities for walking and mountain biking. Options range from a few hours of relaxed walking or biking to a full day of more strenuous activities. As well as the chance to explore the diverse beauty of the natural surroundings and enjoy the fresh air and peaceful atmosphere of the mountains, treks and cycle rides take in visits to the villages inhabited by some of the unique ethnic local groups who live in the area around the lodge. We can also arrange trekking or biking in combination with an overnight stay in a camping tent at nature. During your stay in Showoon and depending on your time and season you can participate in our daily activities such as milking cows and sheep, ranching animals, feeding animals, collecting eggs, visiting farms or gardens or picking wild fruit trees and bushes (apple, pear, raspberry, eglantine, shadberry, fig, quince, strawberry, sour cherry, hawthorn, blackthorn, walnut, plum, greengage, bull ace, drupelet, Donbalan, truffle) in remnant of Hirkan jungle. The jungle supports a wide variety of plant life and wild life. This jungle and the surrounding vegetation are home to a variety of birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians and insects, many of which are found only in north-west Iran and are of great biological significance. Due to changes in altitude and changes in rainfall and other climate parameters, a variety of vegetation has been introduced in the range lands of the area. There are generally two types of vegetation in the region: The Iranian-Turanian Brigade and the European Brigade – Siberia (Alpine). Among the most important herbaceous species of rangeland, we can mention the species of herbs, Chamomile, Oatmeal, Wheat Flour, Shah tareh, Lilac, Mint, Alfalfa and Artemisia.

 you can go for a walk in the pristine nature and paradise of waterfalls _ an incredible scene in which there are more than 20 waterfalls in row _ or climb the nearest mountain or hill to have a view of its surroundings. You can ride horse, donkey or camel. Also you can go fishing in Gillarlou lagoon dam which is located 5 km northwest of Germi. Due to fencing around the lake and the agricultural use of land around the lagoon, most animal species are found in aquatic and aquatic birds. However, some other animal species can be seen around the lagoon. Different types of birds live in this lagoon, some of which are native to the water and other species are aquatic. Of these species, we can mention large and small shoots, Chengar, lush duck, duck, Black Duck, Bucklan, Blue Yolk, Little Buttiram, Khutka and Greater Big.

visit a bee farm, wear special uniform beside owner experience bee keeping and have your own honey for breakfast. You can experience blacksmithing in a workshop in Elkhanlar village.

In Moran there are many different kinds of endangered and threatened animals (Phasianus colchicus , Caracal caraca , Coraciidae,quail, Potamon persicum, wood pecker and so on ).

nomads in their Allachiq (tent) and see pure life and love. You can also visit other villages nearby like Tape, Qozlou, Alilesar and Qarayataq with Hirkany jungles, gardens and mountains, Ini and its 4000 years old castle.

80km far from Showoon on the way to the west to Oongout you will find Demoly village and its three historical castles (Kand qlalasi, Oqlan qalasi and Qiz qalasi ) and unique geopark with a pristine wildlife(brown bear,wolf,fox,partridge and different kinds of animals).