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Akbar, Showoon village , Germi City, Ardabil province, Iran
(+98) 45 3264 1367 & (+98) 45 3267 0462
(+98) 914 453 5459

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How to get here?

    Showoon Nomad Eco lodge(accommodation) is located in Showoon village, in the north west of Iran in Ardabil province on the border of Iran and Azerbaijan (Europe&Asia)
    To reach Showoon there are different options:
    – by bus from cities like Teheran (Azadi terminal).
    Notice that the buses stop at the nearest city , Germi, from there you can easily find a taxi to Showoon.
    It’s 25 km and costs 300 000 Rials.
    – by taxi, the distances are nearly far and the price is calculated by kilometers.
    – by your own car, almost all of the roads are asphalted to Tapa village in 5 kilometers to Showoon.
    – by train or plane to Ardabil and from there with a taxi to Germi(Mughan) then to Showoon.
    Eco lodge phone number, for reservation every day from 8am to 3pm:
    Eco lodge direct number: +98 4532641367
    Mobile: +98 9144535459